A Pink Tool Belt Has A Function Other Than Hanging Tools

A Pink Tool Belt Has other Uses Besides Hanging Tools

The Color Pink

The color pink speaks volumes, mostly about breast cancer. It is the color most people associate with breast cancer awareness and the color most people associate with raising money for cancer. But the color must be attached to something or embedded in some fabric or material to hit home. There are pins, car magnets, bracelets and other jewelry, cooking utensils and appliances, a the pink tool belt and even cars that are pink. They are all meant to bring to mind the realities of such a prevalent disease, and the throws of devastation and the creation of heroines that it can bring.

Pink-Construction-Wear pink power toolsPink Tool Belts

Tool belts have the propensity to lend sexiness to a woman’s waistline and hips. There is something sexy about a woman who can handle a man’s work. Now you know a liberated woman would not necessarily think of it as a man’s work; a woman is more than capable of repairing home fixtures and of working on cars. A pink tool belt though, is more often bought by the breast cancer victim or survivor than by a female who has no experience with the disease.

This does not mean a relative or friend, in order to support a woman experiencing breast cancer, would not buy a pink tool belt as well. Not so; it is usually those relatives and friends who contribute a great deal to breast cancer research.

A Pink tool belt can be bought on the internet site, amazon.com and on numerous other internet sites. Not only are there pink tool belts, there are pink tool belts that come in different shades and hues of pink.

You can even buy a pink hard hat to go with your pink tool belt if you need it for those tougher, more dangerous jobs. Amazon.com sells the largest variety and color selection of pink tool belts. They offer belts with various numbers of tool pouches, they offer the hard hats, and the tool belts themselves of various shades and hues.

Do Men Wear Pink?

Only real men wear pink remember? Well, they will also wear a pink tool belt. Why you might ask? The reason is generally to support their wives, sisters, or best friends who are having experiences with breast cancer. But there is another reason as well. Men also can get breast cancer. Over 1,200 new cases of male breast cancer are diagnosed each year (www.wikipedia.com). So not only women wear pink in support of breast cancer research; men do too.



The Pink Tool Chest

The Pink Tool Chest

Author: Wallacem

Pink Awareness
Normally, in the 21st century, people will associate pink items for sale as being related somehow to breast cancer. But there are still many people who are not quite sure yet what to make of it and exactly it does mean.

They generally think that if someone is wearing a pink rubber bracelet that it means that person has had or has currently some form of breast cancer. What they may not realize is that the bracelet may also be symbolic of an awareness of the need for breast cancer research. They also may not realize that the person wearing the bracelet may have heavily donated to one of the many breast cancer foundations or societies in existence. The Susan G. Komen foundation is one such organization.

Pink Tool Chests
Pink tool chests are one of those items you can purchase which is symbolic of, and related to, breast cancer awareness. Purchasing a pink tool chest allows for a certain amount of sale proceeds to go to a specified breast cancer research foundation.

It is one of the many pink hardware/tool items available for women to purchase that signifies they either have breast cancer, that they have had breast cancer, or that they know of a friend or relative who has had it or who has died from it. Sears was one of the first companies to sell pink tool chests. Home Depot and Amazon Sell them also. And did you know that there are even rolling pink tool chests?

We are not talking about a flimsy aluminum set of drawers here. We are talking about an eighteen gauge steel, twenty-six inch, five-drawer tool chest designed for serious abuse and use. Just compare it to a Craftsman; you’ll get the idea. In one of these pink tool chests can be any number of pink tools. You can purchase pink wrenches, screwdrivers, drills, and pliers too.

Even Men Use Pink Hardware
Even men purchase pink hardware and tools. Yes it’s true. A man may be supporting his wife’s fight against breast cancer and he himself may purchase a pink hardware item just for that reason. After all, isn’t it said that only real men wear pink? Well, why then can they not utilize pink tool chests, pink tools and other pink hardware items? They can and they do. Men are sensitive too you know. And they also can get breast cancer, which would bring up a whole other subject matter.


Powerful Pink Power Drill

Powerful Pink Power Drill – are you ready

Pink power drillAre you looking for a power drill that allows you to express your identity?

There are many currently available that come in a variety of colors. These drills are not only powerful, but they are also lightweight, making them a perfect choice for women.

The key-less chuck allows for quick change of drill bits. The ergonomic handle allows you to comfortably drill holes in even the hardest wood. If you run into a knot in the wood, this drill has enough power to power right through it without hesitation or skipping back. Many of today’s drills come with drill bits and driver sets making it the perfect gift for any woman. Whether you need a brad point drill bit or a wood spade drill bit, this drill can handle the job.

The drill makes it easy to change drill bits using a key-less chuck, so you can quickly get back to work on your projects. Another added benefit to this lightweight pink power drill is its ability to be used just like a cordless screwdriver. No more twisting and straining your wrists to tighten that screw, simply place a screwdriver bit in the drill and be done with the job in seconds. You can also use this powerful pink power drill when installing new doors and new tile.

There are many drill bits available, including drill bits specifically designed for these home improvement projects.

Be warned, your husband or boyfriend might be tempted to take this power drill away from you. It offers speeds up to 900 rotations per minute allowing it to handle any job you throw at it.

The 3/8 inch key-less chuck makes changing out drill bits a breeze. For added style and function, purchase a pink tool bag to store your drill in. This bag will allow you to store your drill, your spare rechargeable batteries and all of your drill bits in one location. The small sized drill can be stored easily in any closet without taking up much space.

This pink power drill allows you to express your femininity without sacrificing power. Whether you need a cordless power drill or a corded one, you can find exactly what you are looking for by searching the Internet. Choose a drill with plenty of power and a key-less chuck for ease of use. You will not go wrong purchasing this wonderful pink power drill.

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Pink Tools for Women, and Men To

Pink Tools for Women, and Men As Well

pink cordless drillThere are many different options when buying tools. Even if you go to the hardware store to buy a hammer, there will be many different styles from which you can choose. Once you narrow down the style, you are still not done yet. Then you must choose the material your new tool is to be made out of.

Now you must choose the primary color for your tool. Gone are the days of yesteryear when the choices were black, blue or wooden. Now possible color choices include different shades of these colors, different materials and even new colors. You will probably have to choose between having wooden handles or aluminum handles.

When that is done is when you start picking colors. Some people may not care about the colors of their tools, while others will be very concerned about having a matching set of tools. If your mind is not made up already, or if these are the first tools you are purchasing, then pink tools are a very good option.

Pink tools for women only is no longer the case. Men can use them as well, because a tool is a tool. Pink tools usually are supporting breast cancer research. You can be sure by looking on the label or item box.

If you are going to be purchasing the tool anyways, why not support a very worthy cause. Chances are it will not matter if you are in a family owned hardware store or a big box store, there will be a pink tool section.

Tools are no longer just for men, but pink tools do not have to be for women only. Probably the only items you will not find a pink choice for will be the power tools. These tools are usually mostly black, sometimes they will have an accent color. The demand for these tools to be offered in pink has not gotten great enough, yet.

As more and more women begin to work with their hands more and more, pink tools will become more prevalent in the stores. The fact that these pink tools for women usually support breast cancer research is an added bonus.

Be sure to look for the pink ribbon or the designation of breast cancer research supporter before you buy. Tools are meant to last a long time with proper care so your support will be known for a long time without you even having to say a word.

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Ladies Pink Screwdriver Set

Pink Screwdriver Set

Pink Screwdriver setAre you a lady looking for a tool set that distinguishes your tools from your significant others tools?

With today’s new colors in tools, you can have tools without sacrificing your femininity. Whether you opt for a hot pink set of screwdrivers or a purple set of wrenches, you can easily distinguish your tools from others. When I bought a fixer upper, I knew I would need a tool set.

I looked at many different tool sets; however, all of them were made with a man in mind. I needed a tool set that fit comfortably in my hands. I began searching the Internet for tool sets that fit my hands. It didn’t take long to find exactly what I was looking for. I discovered that there were ladies tool sets available for sale. These sets were designed for a woman’s smaller hands, yet offered the stability of men’s tool sets. I read many reviews of several different ladies’ screwdriver sets.

Some would not hold up to the demands of the projects that I would be completing; however, with a careful search, I found a set of tools that would. The set I chose came in several designer colors including my favorite: pink. When the tool set arrived, I took them out of the package and began examining them. The screwdrivers that came with the set had a padded handle that would allow me to grip the screwdriver without it cutting into my hand like normal screwdrivers.

One of the best features to my set of tools was the interchangeable screwdriver socket. This screwdriver allowed me to easily change the bit on the screwdriver with a simple click. The set came with star shaped screwdrivers as well as your standard flat head and Phillips head screwdrivers. This set gave me everything I could possibly need.

The first project I tackled was installing a bookcase to hold my electronics. This project took both flat head and Phillips head screws. Because of my handy interchangeable screwdriver, I was able to quickly change between the two different kinds of screwdrivers without needing to search for a separate screwdriver.

Ladies unite and begin that next do it yourself project in style with one of the many fashionable, yet functional tool sets available. Before tackling any project, you want to have the necessary tools that is where a ladies pink screwdriver set comes in handy.

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Get Your Job Professional Done By Pink Tools

Get Your Job Professional Done By Pink Tools

Author: Wallacem

ladies pink tool kitPink tools are made of high quality materials, great styles and eye catching color. Various pink tools are ideal for various purposes such as house use, gardening, small engine repair and many more. Portion of the money received from the sale of pink tools is contributed to breast cancer research foundation. Breast cancer research foundation is dedicated towards preventing breast cancer and also strives in finding cure by funding transnational and clinical research worldwide.

The amount contributed to breast cancer foundation is 10% of all the sales. Thinking pink allows people to take part in helping the less fortunate people in the society around the globe.

135 piece household pink tool kits have a wide array of tools ideal for small general home projects.

This tool kit features an impressive color scheme and a durable carrying case. Multipurpose pink tools found in the kit include hammer,18mm utility knife, measuring tape, box cutter, a level, rechargeable cordless 4.8 volt screwdriver, UL re charger, adjustable wrench, 8 inch scissors, UL electrical tape, 6 inch long nose pliers and steel claw amongst others. This kit has everything that one may need for light and /or medium repairs and projects. For instance, kit can be used when assembling furniture in their house when hanging pictures on the wall.

Chrome plating and heat treatment of pink tools has resulted into corrosion-resistant and a long lasting durability performance. Tools are housed in a durable carrying case for easy and quick access. The well molded case also protects these pink tools when not in use, against wear and tear. Each and every tool is tested against standards of torque, finish, usability and hardness and therefore they can last for long under normal use, compared to other tools.

Kit’s lovely pink color adds fun to those boring repairs and makes the 135 piece household kit to be a stylish gift to users who appreciate creativity. Owner of pink tools can easily identify his/her tools due to their distinctive looks. Therefore, do not be worried of missing your tools to friends and neighbors.
Every household pink tool has easy grip design allowing comfort when using it.

These tools have a compact size and light weight making them ideal for those who cannot work with large and heavy tools. 135 piece household tool kit is perfect for Professional ladies and do it yourselfers.

The household pink tools kit weighs 7.7 pound making it easily portable and convenient for storage. Get the job done by just having a 135 piece household pink tool kit.

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