A Pink Tool Belt Has A Function Other Than Hanging Tools

A Pink Tool Belt Has other Uses Besides Hanging Tools

The Color Pink

The color pink speaks volumes, mostly about breast cancer. It is the color most people associate with breast cancer awareness and the color most people associate with raising money for cancer. But the color must be attached to something or embedded in some fabric or material to hit home. There are pins, car magnets, bracelets and other jewelry, cooking utensils and appliances, a the pink tool belt and even cars that are pink. They are all meant to bring to mind the realities of such a prevalent disease, and the throws of devastation and the creation of heroines that it can bring.

Pink-Construction-Wear pink power toolsPink Tool Belts

Tool belts have the propensity to lend sexiness to a woman’s waistline and hips. There is something sexy about a woman who can handle a man’s work. Now you know a liberated woman would not necessarily think of it as a man’s work; a woman is more than capable of repairing home fixtures and of working on cars. A pink tool belt though, is more often bought by the breast cancer victim or survivor than by a female who has no experience with the disease.

This does not mean a relative or friend, in order to support a woman experiencing breast cancer, would not buy a pink tool belt as well. Not so; it is usually those relatives and friends who contribute a great deal to breast cancer research.

A Pink tool belt can be bought on the internet site, amazon.com and on numerous other internet sites. Not only are there pink tool belts, there are pink tool belts that come in different shades and hues of pink.

You can even buy a pink hard hat to go with your pink tool belt if you need it for those tougher, more dangerous jobs. Amazon.com sells the largest variety and color selection of pink tool belts. They offer belts with various numbers of tool pouches, they offer the hard hats, and the tool belts themselves of various shades and hues.

Do Men Wear Pink?

Only real men wear pink remember? Well, they will also wear a pink tool belt. Why you might ask? The reason is generally to support their wives, sisters, or best friends who are having experiences with breast cancer. But there is another reason as well. Men also can get breast cancer. Over 1,200 new cases of male breast cancer are diagnosed each year (www.wikipedia.com). So not only women wear pink in support of breast cancer research; men do too.



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