Pink Tool Kits what is in them?

What is in a Pink Tool Kit?

Gone are the days when dull colors such as black and grey dominated the exterior of tool kits. Nowadays, as manufacturers open their doors to tap into the women’s market, tools are given a more feminine packaging. These tools are now collectively contained in an attractive pink tool kit or other colorful designs, and to many women, this change is empowering.

But with this color change, one cannot help but ask. Did the manufacturers also instituted changes related to the tools’ functions for the purpose of accommodating feminine characteristics (i.e., a “pink” hammer is smaller than the usual piece found in a men’s kit)? Apparently not. As a matter of fact, these pink tool kits are created from the same manufacturing line, so they still comply with the same quality and safety standards. That said, everyone — men, women, boys, and girls — can use them.

pink tool kitWhat is inside a pink tool set?

Just like what you see in a typical men’s tool kit, you can see a wide array of tools once you open a pink tool chest. The number of tools vary depending on the price. In general, the more tool pieces the pink tool kit contains, the pricier it gets.

Some sets include 39, 105, and 135 pieces of tools, and they are either organized neatly in a fold-able, cushioned box, or stacked using metal compartments. Below is a list of the tools that can be included in a pink tool chest. – 12-foot tape measure – claw hammer – joint pliers – hex keys – scissors – ratcheting bit driver – bits (1/8-inch, 3/16-inch…) – utility knife – precision screwdrivers – fastener set – electrical tape – long nose pliers – adjustable wrench – extra blades When choosing which product to buy, remember to check how other consumers have rated the brand of your choice.

Because not all experiences and feedback can apply to you, it is best that you use your good judgment when reading these ratings. You might also want to choose the brands whose existence is driven by a cause. Some brands selling pink tool kits, for instance, support efforts inclined toward breast cancer awareness. One of these brands is Apollo Precision Tools.

Apollo is also one of the top-rated names in women’s tool kits because not only does it create pink tool kits with a refreshing, eye-catching color, but it can also compete with other well-known brands in the quality aspect. One of Apollo’s bestselling tools is the DT9706P 39-Piece tool set, which has gained an average high rating of 4.4 points out of a perfect score of 5.0. More Pink tool kit resources can be found at this website  


Handy Tip
power drills pink Cleaning your tools may be the last thing you want to do after a day of work, but it’s essential for keeping your tools in good shape. And it really only takes a few seconds per tool unless you’ve got something really nasty on your hands. It’s well-worth the time spent doing a little cleaning to save the time spent repairing a tool (or the money spent replacing it) later.



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