Ladies Pink Screwdriver Set

Pink Screwdriver Set

Pink Screwdriver setAre you a lady looking for a tool set that distinguishes your tools from your significant others tools?

With today’s new colors in tools, you can have tools without sacrificing your femininity. Whether you opt for a hot pink set of screwdrivers or a purple set of wrenches, you can easily distinguish your tools from others. When I bought a fixer upper, I knew I would need a tool set.

I looked at many different tool sets; however, all of them were made with a man in mind. I needed a tool set that fit comfortably in my hands. I began searching the Internet for tool sets that fit my hands. It didn’t take long to find exactly what I was looking for. I discovered that there were ladies tool sets available for sale. These sets were designed for a woman’s smaller hands, yet offered the stability of men’s tool sets. I read many reviews of several different ladies’ screwdriver sets.

Some would not hold up to the demands of the projects that I would be completing; however, with a careful search, I found a set of tools that would. The set I chose came in several designer colors including my favorite: pink. When the tool set arrived, I took them out of the package and began examining them. The screwdrivers that came with the set had a padded handle that would allow me to grip the screwdriver without it cutting into my hand like normal screwdrivers.

One of the best features to my set of tools was the interchangeable screwdriver socket. This screwdriver allowed me to easily change the bit on the screwdriver with a simple click. The set came with star shaped screwdrivers as well as your standard flat head and Phillips head screwdrivers. This set gave me everything I could possibly need.

The first project I tackled was installing a bookcase to hold my electronics. This project took both flat head and Phillips head screws. Because of my handy interchangeable screwdriver, I was able to quickly change between the two different kinds of screwdrivers without needing to search for a separate screwdriver.

Ladies unite and begin that next do it yourself project in style with one of the many fashionable, yet functional tool sets available. Before tackling any project, you want to have the necessary tools that is where a ladies pink screwdriver set comes in handy.

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Get Your Job Professional Done By Pink Tools

Get Your Job Professional Done By Pink Tools

Author: Wallacem

ladies pink tool kitPink tools are made of high quality materials, great styles and eye catching color. Various pink tools are ideal for various purposes such as house use, gardening, small engine repair and many more. Portion of the money received from the sale of pink tools is contributed to breast cancer research foundation. Breast cancer research foundation is dedicated towards preventing breast cancer and also strives in finding cure by funding transnational and clinical research worldwide.

The amount contributed to breast cancer foundation is 10% of all the sales. Thinking pink allows people to take part in helping the less fortunate people in the society around the globe.

135 piece household pink tool kits have a wide array of tools ideal for small general home projects.

This tool kit features an impressive color scheme and a durable carrying case. Multipurpose pink tools found in the kit include hammer,18mm utility knife, measuring tape, box cutter, a level, rechargeable cordless 4.8 volt screwdriver, UL re charger, adjustable wrench, 8 inch scissors, UL electrical tape, 6 inch long nose pliers and steel claw amongst others. This kit has everything that one may need for light and /or medium repairs and projects. For instance, kit can be used when assembling furniture in their house when hanging pictures on the wall.

Chrome plating and heat treatment of pink tools has resulted into corrosion-resistant and a long lasting durability performance. Tools are housed in a durable carrying case for easy and quick access. The well molded case also protects these pink tools when not in use, against wear and tear. Each and every tool is tested against standards of torque, finish, usability and hardness and therefore they can last for long under normal use, compared to other tools.

Kit’s lovely pink color adds fun to those boring repairs and makes the 135 piece household kit to be a stylish gift to users who appreciate creativity. Owner of pink tools can easily identify his/her tools due to their distinctive looks. Therefore, do not be worried of missing your tools to friends and neighbors.
Every household pink tool has easy grip design allowing comfort when using it.

These tools have a compact size and light weight making them ideal for those who cannot work with large and heavy tools. 135 piece household tool kit is perfect for Professional ladies and do it yourselfers.

The household pink tools kit weighs 7.7 pound making it easily portable and convenient for storage. Get the job done by just having a 135 piece household pink tool kit.

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Finding Power Tools for Left Handed People

I found this article and thought that for all you lefty’s you might find it helpful.

Finding Power Tools for Left Handed People Most power tools on the market are designed for everyone to use. However, if you happen to be left handed, then you may realize just how difficult it is to operate particular power tools.

The on/off switch being in a location that isn’t convenient or easy to get to in the event of an emergency is the most common complaint. With saws, the most common complaint for left handed people is that the blade is on the right hand side which makes it difficult for them to operate. The left handed individual has two choices

  • hold it the wrong way and hope the cut ends up being straight or
  • face it the other way around with the blade coming at you and the materials coming at you.

Neither is a very effective option. Still, many left handed individuals feel like they have been cheated by the power tool industry.

In fact, the Left Handers Club, a group that was formed in 1990, has been sparking the interest in many power tool manufacturers to address the situation. It seems like saws are the one main power tool that hasn’t yet been adapted for left handed individuals. For them, a table saw works best because you can choose to cut on either the right side or the left side of the blade. There are some great power tools on the market that can be used easily for left handed individuals including power screwdrivers, routers, nailers, drills, and sanders. This is because the manufacturers have worked hard to redesign them. The on/off switch is generally located in the middle of the power tool so it can be accessed from the right side or the left side.

A relatively unknown brand of power tool, Porter-Cable, has introduced a circular saw kit that features the blade on the left hand side.

The reviews of this power tool show it is very inexpensive, around $100 and sees to work very well for a variety of materials. This might be a great saw for left handed individuals to try out. It seems like it would be much safer than the right handed saw options we discussed above. Panasonic offers a cordless drill that is designed for the left handed individual. In addition, it is getting rave reviews for being a great working power tool that recharges very quickly. Unfortunately, there still aren’t enough to make a good selection. Left handed tool belts are becoming a very popular item manufactured by many tool makers. This is very helpful and a step in the right direction, especially for left handed individuals who work in the construction industry.

They commonly wear a tool belt for eight to twelve hours a day, five or six days per week. It appears that the power tool industry has made some steps in the right direct when it comes to making the majority of power tools accommodating for both left handed and right handed individuals.

Moving the power switch made a huge different on many of these power tools. In the past, left handed individuals had to reach in front of the power tool, and that could be a potential risk for injury. Now most of the major power tools have the power switch in the center. Since there are so many left handed people in our society, and it is no longer something looked down on, there is a huge demand for power tools to work for them. Creating power tools that appeal to this market seems like a great opportunity for power tool manufacturers.

There has been some progress in this area over the past ten years, and the trend indicates that more changes will continue to meet the power tool needs of left handed individuals. They will be able to purchase power tools that are effective, safe, and work with them instead of them having to find a way to adjust to the right handed set up.


The Best Hot Pink Tool Sets On The Market

The Best Hot Pink Tool Sets On The Market

Are you looking for the best ladies tool set? Do you want a set of tools that are both stylish and functional? Look no further than this hot pink tool set. You will find everything you need in this quality set of tools.

hot pink tool setI recently received a hot pink tool set as a birthday present. When I first received this set of tools, I thought they were inferior and would not do everything that I needed them to do. However, I hate to return gifts, so I decided to try to use them. I figured even if they wouldn’t do everything I would need them to do, I could still use them for easy projects around the house. I used my hot pink tool set the first time when I decided to hang a few pictures in my house.

I opened the tool bag and pulled out the tape measure, bubble level and a hammer. These tools would be necessary for the job. I carefully measured a large mirror that would be hung behind my couch to find how far apart the brackets were. After I had made my measurements and calculated the distance from the ceiling, it was time to hammer the nails in.

I hammered the first nail into place and took a straight edge to help me find where my next mark should be.

Once I found my next mark, I used the bubble level to ensure that the two nails were level. After hanging the mirror, I knew I had a tool set anyone would be proud to own. The hammer was a perfect size and heavy enough to do the job without being so heavy that it was tiresome to use.

As a bonus, the tool set was a beautiful shade of hot pink. Now I have a tool set that I am proud to say is my own. Each tool in the set fits perfectly in my hand and performs beautifully no matter the size or difficulty of the project.

The best set of tools for ladies is both functional and stylish. You want a set of tools that offers you a way to express your individuality without sacrificing quality. Whether you need a wrench to tighten a loose bolt or a hammer to hang a picture, you will find what you need in this fantastic hot pink tool set. And by buying one, you will help support research into breast cancer.


Buying Pink Tools Can Support Breast Cancer Research

Buying Pink Tools Can Support Breast Cancer Research

Five years ago, one of my best friends showed up for the volunteer construction project we were working on with a big grin on her face. “I have a surprise for you,” she said. After insisting I close my eyes for the effect, she placed something in my hand. It was heavy and rectangular with a slightly rough texture.

ladies pink tool kitI opened my eyes to find a pink tool box resting in my hand. Upon opening the pink tool box, I found pliers, screwdriver sets, and other helpful tools –all in pink.

She giggled and said, “Now none of the guys will run off with your tools.” The thought of a full-grown man with a 5 o’clock shadow running around with my pink tools in his hand made me smile. Since then, I’ve learned of an even better motive for buying pink tools: supporting breast cancer research. Take, for example, the website:

By buying pink tools, in kits or separately, you will be donating to Breast Cancer Research. The Little Pink Tools company gives 10% of all sales to the Breast Cancer Research cause. An additional benefit is that all tools come with a lifetime guarantee.

That’s not a bad deal—buy beautiful, guaranteed tools and support a great cause! Another company promoting the same cause is pink Tomboy Tools, who donates $1 from selected products and 5% of profits from pink hand tools to charitable organizations including animal shelters and breast cancer research. Though tomboy tools are not as focused in its donations to breast cancer (as it divides it among other charitable organizations), it is still nice to know that purchasing a tool you need will help a woman or animal in need. Maybe you feel you don’t use tools very often, so why support the sale of a pink tool?

Though you may not be a professional construction worker or ceramic tile layer, would it be nice to have a cordless drill on hand to hand a picture in your home without borrowing from the neighbor? And, like it or not, we all have had to use a screwdriver or pliers at some point in our life (even if we hate the thought of tools).

It can give a sense of satisfaction to have a handy toolkit around the home or in the automobile. So, if you are thinking of making such a purchase, perhaps you can buy a pink tool box or pink toolkit and support a worthy cause at the same time!