Pink Tool Set

Purchase a pink tool set for a Cause – Breast Cancer Awareness and Research

Think Pink. Purchase for a Cause – Breast Cancer Awareness and Research
Breast cancer and its awareness campaigns have been growing worldwide. There are many products available which support this great cause and raise funds in order to make people aware about the disease. From potting mix to a pink tool set a part of the purchase made from pink hardware or any pink products (see if that company is donating their product earning to breast cancer research programs or any charity) goes to charitable foundations who are doing their every bit to make a difference.

The Month of October has been chosen as awareness month for breast cancer. But the best part is not just one month but entire year many charitable foundations raise and donate funds for a great cause. Pink products supporting breast cancer are doing a great job by promoting a healthy cause. Pink ribbon is also used for showing support for breast cancer awareness program. So in month of October where every shop has something supporting breast cancer, buy product believing in supporting breast cancer awareness program.

pink tool setProducts with Pink ribbon attached also show their contribution towards Breast cancer research.
Breast cancer is tumor which originates from the breast tissue and becomes malignant. Occurs mostly in women, it accounts for nearly 16% of cancer found in women. Breast cancer have been mostly found in women with ages 50+, almost 80% of breast cancer cases found in older women. Going for routine check up and tests such as mammography and MRIs can help prevent breast cancer.

Some Facts about breast cancer

  • After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women. With nearly 30% of the cancer in women is breast cancer.
  • Every 1 woman out of 8 is diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Breast cancer is second leading cause of death besides lung cancer.
  • 85% of breast cancer occurs in women who have no family history in breast cancer.

When it comes to color Pink, they are feminine considered to be universal color for supporting breast cancer awareness. Pink products have come up with the breast cancer awareness programs all over the world. A part of the earnings from these products goes to various foundations, such as National breast cancer foundation (NBCF) which has been working towards this goal of curing the disease. The foundation raises funds for breast cancer research so that there can be a complete end to this disease.

pink tool setThe donation has changed the 40 years of five year survival rate for breast cancer from 50 per cent to 80 percent, we should all be thankful for the greater and day by day getting bigger awareness program for breast cancer. So start donating by buying pink products, be it pink pen on your office or your favorite pink dress to your pink tool set at home, each of these products are doing a great work, so why don’t we do our bit and support those products supporting the cause of breast cancer. So next time when you are going to buy something make a little extra effort and choose products which support the cause of Breast Cancer research.

Breast cancer can be ended with our joint effort, as any women diagnosed with this disease under goes so many treatments, to support such women we can buy these pink products and give a helping hand to charity. And these tools are surely going to become a sure cure tool. Breast cancer is affecting many women today, by raising funds for good cause; we can help the patient in need.
Some of the products which give away the amount of their earning from pink products to breast cancer foundation are

Apollo Pink hardware tools – Purchasing a pink tool set from Apollo donates $1 to Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The tools are engineered and designed to give you durability, portability and easy to use. With heat treatment and chrome plating on tools, its surely going to be the best buy.

Pink Ribbon Tool belt – Pink color of this product shows your “working for cure” attitude and when you buy them you will be donating 25% of the purchased price to the National Breast Research Foundation. Pink ribbon tool belt has list of pink items such pink work gloves, pink safety glasses and many more to choose from.

Master Locks – In order to raise awareness for breast cancer research and foundation, specially designed pink security products have been developed. Each of these products have been embossed with pink awareness ribbon. Since 2007, Master lock has donated $11,000 to Breast cancer research foundation from the earning they get by selling their pink security locks.

Acs.Flowerhub – This is an online portal for ordering beautiful teleflora flowers for your loved one. 20% of the earning goes to American Cancer society. So spread the word and let your loved ones know about this.

Thebreastcancersite – Another great web based store funding women with test for breast cancer called Mammograms who would be able to get this test done otherwise. Just by clicking on this site you can raise funds for the breast cancer patients.

So these were some of the products which give back to breast cancer awareness program with your purchase.Its always good to check with your merchant, how much percentage of earning they donate and which is the charity associated with their products. This gives you an idea about your donations.
Pink movement has made strides in combating breast cancer and has helped tons of people to fight bravely and curing the disease which was earlier thought to be uncured or ignored thinking nothing can be done. With doing a little we can make a huge difference. Family of breast cancer diagnosed women also have to go through a phase of mental trauma, helping them in their worst situation is something we can do to reduce their pain.

Like all other types of cancer, breast cancer too if detected early can be cured fully. For this there should be awareness about the disease. Girls should be taught in their schools about what is breast cancer, its symptoms and treatment for its cure.

Lets make difference. Joins hands and end Breast Cancer.