Ladies Pink Screwdriver Set

Pink Screwdriver Set

Pink Screwdriver setAre you a lady looking for a tool set that distinguishes your tools from your significant others tools?

With today’s new colors in tools, you can have tools without sacrificing your femininity. Whether you opt for a hot pink set of screwdrivers or a purple set of wrenches, you can easily distinguish your tools from others. When I bought a fixer upper, I knew I would need a tool set.

I looked at many different tool sets; however, all of them were made with a man in mind. I needed a tool set that fit comfortably in my hands. I began searching the Internet for tool sets that fit my hands. It didn’t take long to find exactly what I was looking for. I discovered that there were ladies tool sets available for sale. These sets were designed for a woman’s smaller hands, yet offered the stability of men’s tool sets. I read many reviews of several different ladies’ screwdriver sets.

Some would not hold up to the demands of the projects that I would be completing; however, with a careful search, I found a set of tools that would. The set I chose came in several designer colors including my favorite: pink. When the tool set arrived, I took them out of the package and began examining them. The screwdrivers that came with the set had a padded handle that would allow me to grip the screwdriver without it cutting into my hand like normal screwdrivers.

One of the best features to my set of tools was the interchangeable screwdriver socket. This screwdriver allowed me to easily change the bit on the screwdriver with a simple click. The set came with star shaped screwdrivers as well as your standard flat head and Phillips head screwdrivers. This set gave me everything I could possibly need.

The first project I tackled was installing a bookcase to hold my electronics. This project took both flat head and Phillips head screws. Because of my handy interchangeable screwdriver, I was able to quickly change between the two different kinds of screwdrivers without needing to search for a separate screwdriver.

Ladies unite and begin that next do it yourself project in style with one of the many fashionable, yet functional tool sets available. Before tackling any project, you want to have the necessary tools that is where a ladies pink screwdriver set comes in handy.

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