Why Not Get An Original Pink Tool Box?

Why Not Get An Original Pink Tool Box?

Sure, plain old grey tool boxes can do the job. But when you want to really stand out, why not choose a tool storage solution in pink?

hqdefaultThese pink tool boxes and other storage solutions are just as strong and durable as their uglier brothers. They just look a lot better in pink!

You can still expect an 18 gauge steel frame, 100 pound rated drawers, roomy drawers, and heavy casters. You can even still expect the same lifetime warranty that you would get from a duller colored tool box. These pink tool storage systems are not just made to look good, they are also made to last a lifetime while protecting your valuable tools.

Why would anybody buy a pink tool box? Actually, there are lots of practical reasons to choose one of these colorful storage systems over a grey, black, or white one.

Many purchase them simply because they like the color and the statement that it makes, but there are certainly practical reasons too. If your home or business work shop has several tool boxes, it might be handy to color code them. You might simply use pink, white, and black as ways to easily distinguish different sets of tools. This way nobody has to wonder which box is which in case they get rolled around to different locations a lot. Of course, pink is thought of as a more feminine color.

That is actually a very good reason to purchase this box for a female who wants her own set of tools. You might purchase this for your wife or daughter as a gift so she can keep her own tools protected in her own box. It might also keep her out of your toolbox. If you are a woman, why try to hide it? This pink tool box will let the world know that you have your own set of tools, and you know how to use them! There is no reason you can’t be handy with a hammer and wrench, plus a proud lady.

Why not consider buying a pink tool box for your business, yourself, or a wonderful woman in your life? They are just as sturdy as the uglier boxes, but they look much better!

Here is a great Idea to solve storage problems in the bathroom


Finding Power Tools for Left Handed People

I found this article and thought that for all you lefty’s you might find it helpful.

Finding Power Tools for Left Handed People Most power tools on the market are designed for everyone to use. However, if you happen to be left handed, then you may realize just how difficult it is to operate particular power tools.

The on/off switch being in a location that isn’t convenient or easy to get to in the event of an emergency is the most common complaint. With saws, the most common complaint for left handed people is that the blade is on the right hand side which makes it difficult for them to operate. The left handed individual has two choices

  • hold it the wrong way and hope the cut ends up being straight or
  • face it the other way around with the blade coming at you and the materials coming at you.

Neither is a very effective option. Still, many left handed individuals feel like they have been cheated by the power tool industry.

In fact, the Left Handers Club, a group that was formed in 1990, has been sparking the interest in many power tool manufacturers to address the situation. It seems like saws are the one main power tool that hasn’t yet been adapted for left handed individuals. For them, a table saw works best because you can choose to cut on either the right side or the left side of the blade. There are some great power tools on the market that can be used easily for left handed individuals including power screwdrivers, routers, nailers, drills, and sanders. This is because the manufacturers have worked hard to redesign them. The on/off switch is generally located in the middle of the power tool so it can be accessed from the right side or the left side.

A relatively unknown brand of power tool, Porter-Cable, has introduced a circular saw kit that features the blade on the left hand side.

The reviews of this power tool show it is very inexpensive, around $100 and sees to work very well for a variety of materials. This might be a great saw for left handed individuals to try out. It seems like it would be much safer than the right handed saw options we discussed above. Panasonic offers a cordless drill that is designed for the left handed individual. In addition, it is getting rave reviews for being a great working power tool that recharges very quickly. Unfortunately, there still aren’t enough to make a good selection. Left handed tool belts are becoming a very popular item manufactured by many tool makers. This is very helpful and a step in the right direction, especially for left handed individuals who work in the construction industry.

They commonly wear a tool belt for eight to twelve hours a day, five or six days per week. It appears that the power tool industry has made some steps in the right direct when it comes to making the majority of power tools accommodating for both left handed and right handed individuals.

Moving the power switch made a huge different on many of these power tools. In the past, left handed individuals had to reach in front of the power tool, and that could be a potential risk for injury. Now most of the major power tools have the power switch in the center. Since there are so many left handed people in our society, and it is no longer something looked down on, there is a huge demand for power tools to work for them. Creating power tools that appeal to this market seems like a great opportunity for power tool manufacturers.

There has been some progress in this area over the past ten years, and the trend indicates that more changes will continue to meet the power tool needs of left handed individuals. They will be able to purchase power tools that are effective, safe, and work with them instead of them having to find a way to adjust to the right handed set up.


The Pink Tool Box – Top-Rated Brands

Top-Rated Brands of Pink Tool Box

Tough but fashionable — this is what a Pink Tool Box seems to say. As more and more women embrace jobs that were once exclusive to men, the demand for fashionable items has never been greater. In the case of tool boxes, manufacturers now create stylish designs that they know will capture the feminine taste. But if you are on the market for a toolbox, you need to at least listen to what other consumers have to say. After all, many products are just so aesthetically appealing, and some brands do not live up to their promises. What are the top-rated brands of pink tool box out there today?

pink tool chest1. The Original Pink Box

Average rating: 4.5 out of a perfect score of 5.0 One of the strengths of this product is its ability to combine fashion and function. On the outside, the perfect combination of pink and black makes it beautiful to look at. And on the inside, you will find enough compartments that make organizing even the tiniest tools easy and convenient. This box is made of plastic and steel, which add to the product’s impressive qualities of durability and lightweight portability.

2. Sainty International Leopard Tool Box

Average rating: 4.5 out of a perfect score of 5.0 Many girls love the design of animal spots and bold skin patterns. While other brands offer only pink boxes, Sainty International leveled up one notch by introducing a ferocious box that sassy ladies will love. Consumers like this box’s roomy storage space and the security latch that comes with it. Aside from that, this box is multi-functional. As what other users have shared, this box from Sainty International can be used for any tools. If you are a hairdresser, this product has enough space for your hair iron, mani-pedi sets, and even a blower. If you work as a traveling baker, you can also stuff your tools in when you give cooking demonstrations.

3. Apollo Precision Tools with Tool Box

Average rating: 4.5 out of a perfect score of 5.0 With this toolbox, not only will you get a complete set of tools for emergency household repairs, but you will love that these tools are colored pink as well! From the screwdriver’s handle up to the tape measure. The only criticism about this product is that the tools can never compare to what you can get if you buy a men’s kit. Some have rated this kit’s quality as “okay,” while others are relatively happy with their purchase. Are you looking for the best ladies tool set? A set of tools that are both stylish and functional? Look no further than this hot pink tool set. You will find everything you need with this quality set of tools.


A Pink Cordless Drill – The Best Drill You Can Buy

A Pink Cordless Drill – Buy the Best

Do YOU have a pink cordless drill? No?

Come on; you’re just kidding me, right? Why would anyone NOT want to have a pink cordless drill?

pink cordless drill impact driver

Awesome tool when you need more torque say for bolts

They’re the best drills you could buy, and I’ll tell you why. Pink has become the universal symbol of a charity called Susan A. Komen “For a Cure,” which has dedicated itself to seeking a cure for breast cancer. You’ve probably seen the little pink bows around, especially certain times of the year. They are a reminder of the need to keep fighting for this cause.

There are many things you can do to help, from doing a charity walk (or run) for a cure, to donating money, to buying a pink cordless drill from your local hardware store.

A portion of the money you pay for that drill will be donated to the Susan A. Komen “For A Cure” Foundation. Easy peasy. AND you have got yourself a very high quality, durable cordless drill to boot! AND a great conversation piece, because who is going to see you using it and not ask you, “Hey, why is your power drill pink?” (I get that all the time.) But that’s a good thing for several reasons – one of which is it gives you a chance to explain the Susan A. Komen “For a Cure” organization and all the good things they’ve done to help fight breast cancer.

You could mention, for instance, that they have raised and donated nearly TWO BILLION DOLLARS worldwide (in some 50 countries) for the cause of curing breast cancer. You could explain that pink drills and tool kits and gardening tools have all been instrumental in raising that $2,000,000,000. You could even show them what a high-quality piece of equipment your drill is – a real MAN’S tool if you will.

Maybe, if you explain all this, they too will want a pink cordless drill to do their part in saving lives. It’s a good cause and deserves all the support it can get. So, now you know about pink things. More often than not, if it’s on the store shelf, and it’s pink, it is likely connected with the Susan A. Komen “For a Cure.” So, buy it.

Buy it all. Fill your home with pink friendly stuff. But especially fill your tool shed with pink tools of every kind – like that pink cordless drill I mentioned. The best drill you could buy.


A Pink Tool Belt – The Perfect House warming Present

The Perfect Housewarming Present – a pink tool belt

There are many useful things that you can give as a housewarming present to a young woman just starting out on their own.

Common housewarming gifts are toasters, blenders or towels. Certainly she will probably receive duplicates of the majority of these items.

Be unique one option to consider that is just as useful, if not more useful, is a tool belt filled with tools. And since you are buying for a young lady, why not purchase a pink tool belt? Don’t forget to fill the tool belt with coordinating pink tools. A tool belt will be worth its weight in gold when that first leaky faucet starts to drip at midnight.

No one wants to pay for an after hours plumber to come to their home. We all know that the majority of stuff seems to break on the weekends or at night, does it not? Your young friend may have chuckled and thought that she would never use a tool belt, but here she is working on her pipes. pink tool beltIn today’s technology-driven world, if you have the tools then the chances are that you can perform an internet search for possible solutions to your problem.

You might even find a video demonstration showing you how to fix your problem faucet. There is no greater satisfaction than fixing a problem on your own and realizing that you can make it on your own. As you fix each problem that arises, you will wonder why you were ever worried about living on your own. Possible tool choices for your pink tool belt may be screwdrivers, wrenches, measuring tape and a good claw hammer.

Certainly there are many other tool choices to add to your collection, but these basic tools will get you started. As your confidence in home repair grows, so will your tool collection grow. If you buy quality tools at the beginning, it is possible that they will last you for many years to come. As you get older and possibly start a family, you will think back on those early years and how you could fix almost any problem that came your way.

Your confidence will rub off on your children, especially your daughters. Think about when she first moves out on her own, your housewarming present to her will be a pink tool belt, just like yours. And just like you, her confidence will grow as she fixes her first problem in her first place.