Pink Tool Kit – 54 Piece Roadside Toolkit

54 Piece Roadside Pink Tool Kit

written by: Crocotaman

roadside pink tool kitThis pink tool kit is what most drivers need to have in their vehicle. It is useful both during their daily, vocational or business travels. This roadside pink tool kit is kept in a soft bag for easy mobility and storage in recreational vehicle, boat or car. Because of its size, it can be stored anywhere in the automobile. The tools have been subjected to heat treatment and chrome plating thus making them long lasting, decorative and also resistant to corrosion. This Pink Tool Kit is ideal for women to assist on their road assistance needs. The good part with the purchase of this pink tool kit is that, a portion of the money that is used to fund breast cancer research.

Air compressor which is included in the roadside pink tool kit is used for inflating vehicles tires during emergency circumstances. A vacuum cleaner is also included in the kit. This cleaner is used to clean interior parts of boat or vehicle. Other specifications are compact size and 1oo% polyester. This polyester makes the tools to be light while at the same time making them strong and weather resistant.

Roadside pink tool kit includes 7′ booster cables, nylon string, plastic flashlight, tire gauge, 8″ adjustable wrench, voltage tester,life hammer, air compressor, 7″wire brush, ratcheting bit driver, 6″ slip joint pliers, PVC electrical tape, 20 cable wires HELP flag and twenty 1″ screwdriver bits among others.

This roadside pink tool kit has everything that one may need in road assistance needs. This pink tool kit is of high quality, well made and has a long lifetime. To increase its lifetime, the head must be cleaned and the filter should be emptied after every use of the vacuum.The kit is made in a stylish model which makes it the perfect option for women. The kit is great and is set for experienced, new and teenage drivers. All basic tools that may be needed during an emergency are found in the kit.

Roadside pink tool kit makes people prepared for anything that might happen while driving. The tools are of the highest quality and the color is desired by most women. Kit’s tools are helpful in getting things done timely. It compact size and lightweight makes it to be suitable for all women of different age classes. Tools are easy to use therefore one can do the job by herself without another person’s help. Tools quality and their impressive color are what make this roadside pink tool kit to be attractive to most women drivers

Pink Tool Kit