Pink Tools For Women

Hot Pink Pink Tools For Women

written by: Jenni

When I was newly away at from home at my college, my family gave me a gift of a tool kit for my birthday. I hid my immediate disappointment by burying my facial expression in one of my mother’s hearty hugs. My first thought was, “What on earth am I going to do with this?” I did not know at the time, but this unexpected gift has probably been one of the most useful items I own. Ten years later, I keep my first toolbox in my kitchen cabinet. The last time I used it was to install baby proof latches on all of our cabinet doors in our home. I have become sentimental about my toolbox, and believe that every woman should have one. When my daughter leaves home, I will probably send her off with a toolbox of her own.

Many women are unlike myself: they may be regular “Do-it-yourself-ers,” or simply prefer to fix things themselves rather than call on the local repairman. Many retailers sell pink tools for girls and women in support of breast cancer research. Apollo Precision Tools has a line of pink tools for women, and sends part of every purchase to the Breast Cancer Research Fund. They also have a link to the BCRF website if you wish to donate directly. Their featured products include a 135 piece household toolkit, a 64 piece travel and automotive toolkit, and a pink gardening toolkit. Apollo offers free shipping on certain products that meet a minimum cost criterion, and many products are part of ongoing promotions. All hand tools are under a lifetime warranty, and you can register your purchases automatically online.

The more involved type can find a wide range of tool belts and tool pouches from Little Pink Tools. Not only do they provide a lifetime guaranty on all tools (not just hand tools), they also donate 10% of every purchase to the Stephanie Spielman for Breast Cancer Research Fund and the Breast Cancer Research Fund of Alabama. Little Pink Tools is the sister site of Tool Kit People, a specialist in quality tools, so it comes as no surprise that Little Pink Tools provides matching quality products and customer service. A popular item is the Little Pink Tool Pouch + Belt, which now includes a pink cordless drill. Priced at a reasonable $60, the Little Pink Tool Pouch weighs only seven pounds when fully equipped.

There are several other vendors that provide pink tools for women, but do your research to assure that they are a corporate partner that donates to breast cancer research. Most vendors will carry the familiar pink breast cancer ribbon with a link to the breast cancer research or foundation website. Many foundations provide a list of corporate partners that support breast cancer research in case you are ever unsure.



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