Pink Tools for Women, and Men To

Pink Tools for Women, and Men As Well

pink cordless drillThere are many different options when buying tools. Even if you go to the hardware store to buy a hammer, there will be many different styles from which you can choose. Once you narrow down the style, you are still not done yet. Then you must choose the material your new tool is to be made out of.

Now you must choose the primary color for your tool. Gone are the days of yesteryear when the choices were black, blue or wooden. Now possible color choices include different shades of these colors, different materials and even new colors. You will probably have to choose between having wooden handles or aluminum handles.

When that is done is when you start picking colors. Some people may not care about the colors of their tools, while others will be very concerned about having a matching set of tools. If your mind is not made up already, or if these are the first tools you are purchasing, then pink tools are a very good option.

Pink tools for women only is no longer the case. Men can use them as well, because a tool is a tool. Pink tools usually are supporting breast cancer research. You can be sure by looking on the label or item box.

If you are going to be purchasing the tool anyways, why not support a very worthy cause. Chances are it will not matter if you are in a family owned hardware store or a big box store, there will be a pink tool section.

Tools are no longer just for men, but pink tools do not have to be for women only. Probably the only items you will not find a pink choice for will be the power tools. These tools are usually mostly black, sometimes they will have an accent color. The demand for these tools to be offered in pink has not gotten great enough, yet.

As more and more women begin to work with their hands more and more, pink tools will become more prevalent in the stores. The fact that these pink tools for women usually support breast cancer research is an added bonus.

Be sure to look for the pink ribbon or the designation of breast cancer research supporter before you buy. Tools are meant to last a long time with proper care so your support will be known for a long time without you even having to say a word.

Heavy Duty Sawhorses Easy to Make

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Porter-Cable New & Reconditioned Power Tools

Porter-Cable New & Reconditioned Power Tools

porter-cabe-pink power toolsDo you require some reputable power tools that work well? If you are stuck because you can’t pay for the very best brand names on the marketplace, yet you do not wish to lose your cash on inadequate quality power tools that won’t last or work well, there is an excellent option. Porter-Cable offers reconditioned power tools. This implies the power tools they sell have been utilized, then repaired tested and used components have been changed. You can buy them for a portion of exactly what it will cost you to obtain brand-new power tools.

Porter-Cable is a popular maker of power tools. They have made their mark as one of the leading power tool makers worldwide. You can be guaranteed any reconditioned power tool you buy from them has been completely examined. Motors have been changed, and other components are reconditioned. An outcome is a power tool that runs fresh. However, you do not pay market price for.

Reconditioned devices from Porter-Cable included a one year guarantee in addition to a thirty-day refund assures. You are getting the same offer that lots of power tool makers provide for brand name brand-new power tool investments. Porter-Cable offers more than 300 places to have your power tools fixed need to you ever before require it.

The disadvantage to buying Porter-Cable reconditioned power tools is that not all the products in their power tool line are readily available. You can see their internet site to learn exactly what reconditioned power tools they have readily available at any offered time. You will likewise get the details on the expense. You can request it be called when as soon as ends up being offered if you are looking for a certain reconditioned power tool.

If you are not in the market for reconditioned power tools, or exactly what you are requiring isn’t readily available, Porter-Cable likewise provides a full line of brand-new power tools. They have every sander, drill, saw, router, power screwdriver, and nailer you can potentially require. They likewise provide a complete line of add-ons to use any of their power tools much more practical. Every Porter-Cable power tool is made to be comfy, strong, and simple to manage. The outcome is precision and exceptional quality tasks you can be proud of.

Unsure of the power tool you wish to buy? Go online and take the Porter-Cable power tool virtual trips. You can click any power tool and quickly get info on the functions, enjoy a video, and get a 360-degree view of every one. All you require is Windows Media Player or Quicktime.

Porter-Cable is a power tool maker you can count on. When two young guys began a small company out of their garage in New York, they have been in operation considering that 1906. They started marketing power tools in 1914. Porter-Cable has shown in time that they are a business making power tools that are reputable, long lasting, and long-term.

They provide outstanding customer support and try to respond to any issues or concerns you might have about their power tools. Porter-Cable remains to strive at making modifications to their power tools that make them work more successfully, minimize the quantity of time it takes for you to run them, which are much safer to make use of.

Porter-Cable power tools are offered at some house enhancement and hardware shops. You can likewise buy them online. The Reconditioned Porter-Cable power tools can just be bought online. Porter-Cable has striven to advertise themselves as a reputable dealership of power tools, both reconditioned and brand-new. They provide a large option of power tools for each task in addition to for companies and people. You won’t be dissatisfied with any Porter-Cable power tool you choose to buy.

Having simply commemorated their 100th anniversary, Porter-Cable has developed itself as a power tool maker that remains to alter with the times, fulfilling the needs of the customer time and time once again. They have no need to stop making quality power tools whenever quickly.

You are getting the same offer that numerous power tool producers provide for brand name brand-new power tool investments. The drawback to buying Porter-Cable reconditioned power tools is that not all of the products in their power tool line are readily available. If you are not in the market for reconditioned power tools, or exactly what you are requiring isn’t readily available, Porter-Cable likewise provides a full line of brand-new power tools. The Reconditioned Porter-Cable power tools can just be bought online. Porter-Cable has worked difficult to advertise themselves as a trustworthy dealership of power tools, both reconditioned and brand-new.

Pink Tool Kit – 54 Piece Roadside Toolkit

54 Piece Roadside Pink Tool Kit

written by: Crocotaman

roadside pink tool kitThis pink tool kit is what most drivers need to have in their vehicle. It is useful both during their daily, vocational or business travels. This roadside pink tool kit is kept in a soft bag for easy mobility and storage in recreational vehicle, boat or car. Because of its size, it can be stored anywhere in the automobile. The tools have been subjected to heat treatment and chrome plating thus making them long lasting, decorative and also resistant to corrosion. This Pink Tool Kit is ideal for women to assist on their road assistance needs. The good part with the purchase of this pink tool kit is that, a portion of the money that is used to fund breast cancer research.

Air compressor which is included in the roadside pink tool kit is used for inflating vehicles tires during emergency circumstances. A vacuum cleaner is also included in the kit. This cleaner is used to clean interior parts of boat or vehicle. Other specifications are compact size and 1oo% polyester. This polyester makes the tools to be light while at the same time making them strong and weather resistant.

Roadside pink tool kit includes 7′ booster cables, nylon string, plastic flashlight, tire gauge, 8″ adjustable wrench, voltage tester,life hammer, air compressor, 7″wire brush, ratcheting bit driver, 6″ slip joint pliers, PVC electrical tape, 20 cable wires HELP flag and twenty 1″ screwdriver bits among others.

This roadside pink tool kit has everything that one may need in road assistance needs. This pink tool kit is of high quality, well made and has a long lifetime. To increase its lifetime, the head must be cleaned and the filter should be emptied after every use of the vacuum.The kit is made in a stylish model which makes it the perfect option for women. The kit is great and is set for experienced, new and teenage drivers. All basic tools that may be needed during an emergency are found in the kit.

Roadside pink tool kit makes people prepared for anything that might happen while driving. The tools are of the highest quality and the color is desired by most women. Kit’s tools are helpful in getting things done timely. It compact size and lightweight makes it to be suitable for all women of different age classes. Tools are easy to use therefore one can do the job by herself without another person’s help. Tools quality and their impressive color are what make this roadside pink tool kit to be attractive to most women drivers

Pink Tool Kit

Pink Tools For Women

Hot Pink Pink Tools For Women

written by: Jenni

When I was newly away at from home at my college, my family gave me a gift of a tool kit for my birthday. I hid my immediate disappointment by burying my facial expression in one of my mother’s hearty hugs. My first thought was, “What on earth am I going to do with this?” I did not know at the time, but this unexpected gift has probably been one of the most useful items I own. Ten years later, I keep my first toolbox in my kitchen cabinet. The last time I used it was to install baby proof latches on all of our cabinet doors in our home. I have become sentimental about my toolbox, and believe that every woman should have one. When my daughter leaves home, I will probably send her off with a toolbox of her own.

Many women are unlike myself: they may be regular “Do-it-yourself-ers,” or simply prefer to fix things themselves rather than call on the local repairman. Many retailers sell pink tools for girls and women in support of breast cancer research. Apollo Precision Tools has a line of pink tools for women, and sends part of every purchase to the Breast Cancer Research Fund. They also have a link to the BCRF website if you wish to donate directly. Their featured products include a 135 piece household toolkit, a 64 piece travel and automotive toolkit, and a pink gardening toolkit. Apollo offers free shipping on certain products that meet a minimum cost criterion, and many products are part of ongoing promotions. All hand tools are under a lifetime warranty, and you can register your purchases automatically online.

The more involved type can find a wide range of tool belts and tool pouches from Little Pink Tools. Not only do they provide a lifetime guaranty on all tools (not just hand tools), they also donate 10% of every purchase to the Stephanie Spielman for Breast Cancer Research Fund and the Breast Cancer Research Fund of Alabama. Little Pink Tools is the sister site of Tool Kit People, a specialist in quality tools, so it comes as no surprise that Little Pink Tools provides matching quality products and customer service. A popular item is the Little Pink Tool Pouch + Belt, which now includes a pink cordless drill. Priced at a reasonable $60, the Little Pink Tool Pouch weighs only seven pounds when fully equipped.

There are several other vendors that provide pink tools for women, but do your research to assure that they are a corporate partner that donates to breast cancer research. Most vendors will carry the familiar pink breast cancer ribbon with a link to the breast cancer research or foundation website. Many foundations provide a list of corporate partners that support breast cancer research in case you are ever unsure.



Melissa & her awesome hot pink tool set

pink tools for women

The Little Pink Drill – Outstanding

The Little pink drill Simply Outstanding

Author: Wallacem

little-pink-drill-pro-combo-drill-kitThe Little pink drill is suitable for all activities in the house like maintenance and fixing of devices, and setting up of new places for switch buttons and sockets. Little pink drill is the right tool for professional and novice women who do drilling tasks. With pink drill, there is lower chance of facing any kind of problem during use. The pink color makes it to be the coolest and attractive drilling tool for women. It is also light and small thus easier to handle.

This drill is very powerful since it can drill holes even through the hardest surfaces. The Little pink drill comes with charger and two rechargeable batteries.

These Ni-CAD batteries are powerful and so do the pink drill. It can be used even without connecting a charger to the electrical power source when you need to use it. The batteries have exceptional power storage capacity. One can change the battery once after four to five hours of use. Little pink drill is rechargeable and has 18 volts of power.

It can be used outdoor and indoor as well. Its plastic carrying case is cute and durable hence makes fun to carry the drill anywhere outside and inside the house. Components that are found in the box include 7 power screwdriver bits and 7 power drill bits of different sizes.

Using the little pink drill is a joy and fun since it is very easy on the hands and one can use the drill in any circumstance. It’s wonderful pink color is what makes this little pink drill the most attractive alternative for girls and women who love using their tools and equipments for do it yourself projects.

Unlike other type of drills, the little pink drill has torque and is made with quality material. It does not also wear down easily as far as the owner takes good care of it. This is also no reason to be worrying about power, since there are 2 batteries. Its small size is ideal for all women and can be used to carry out all kind of basic repairs and maintenance of electrical and surveillance systems. The drill is easy to use, light and gets the toughest job done.

The price is cost effective for this multi-task tool, with a one year warranty ion all of its components. This drill has outshined other drills of all sizes and kinds. It is the most suitable option for women since ten percent of what is paid to purchase it, goes to breast cancer research. Everything related to The Little pink drill from its size, color and power storage is amazing and marvelous.

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