A Pink Cordless Drill – The Best Drill You Can Buy

A Pink Cordless Drill – Buy the Best

Do YOU have a pink cordless drill? No?

Come on; you’re just kidding me, right? Why would anyone NOT want to have a pink cordless drill?

pink cordless drill impact driver

Awesome tool when you need more torque say for bolts

They’re the best drills you could buy, and I’ll tell you why. Pink has become the universal symbol of a charity called Susan A. Komen “For a Cure,” which has dedicated itself to seeking a cure for breast cancer. You’ve probably seen the little pink bows around, especially certain times of the year. They are a reminder of the need to keep fighting for this cause.

There are many things you can do to help, from doing a charity walk (or run) for a cure, to donating money, to buying a pink cordless drill from your local hardware store.

A portion of the money you pay for that drill will be donated to the Susan A. Komen “For A Cure” Foundation. Easy peasy. AND you have got yourself a very high quality, durable cordless drill to boot! AND a great conversation piece, because who is going to see you using it and not ask you, “Hey, why is your power drill pink?” (I get that all the time.) But that’s a good thing for several reasons – one of which is it gives you a chance to explain the Susan A. Komen “For a Cure” organization and all the good things they’ve done to help fight breast cancer.

You could mention, for instance, that they have raised and donated nearly TWO BILLION DOLLARS worldwide (in some 50 countries) for the cause of curing breast cancer. You could explain that pink drills and tool kits and gardening tools have all been instrumental in raising that $2,000,000,000. You could even show them what a high-quality piece of equipment your drill is – a real MAN’S tool if you will.

Maybe, if you explain all this, they too will want a pink cordless drill to do their part in saving lives. It’s a good cause and deserves all the support it can get. So, now you know about pink things. More often than not, if it’s on the store shelf, and it’s pink, it is likely connected with the Susan A. Komen “For a Cure.” So, buy it.

Buy it all. Fill your home with pink friendly stuff. But especially fill your tool shed with pink tools of every kind – like that pink cordless drill I mentioned. The best drill you could buy.


Shopping For A Pink Screwdriver Set

A Pink Screwdriver Set – Can You Use One

pink screw driver and pink tool beltAnytime there is a home improvement project to be done, the last thing a woman wants is to have to rely on a man to help her out. There is no reason a project cannot be done without hiring someone or waiting for someone to come over. Whenever there is a project at hand, there is nothing like having just the right tools to fit perfectly into a woman’s hand.

To make it even better, when there is a pink screwdriver set, she will even look fabulous as she is working on whatever problem or project needs to be addressed around the home or the apartment. Let’s face it, there are a lot of tools and screwdriver sets on the market today that can even be difficult for a guy to hold onto and manipulate.

If you are a woman looking to have tools handy for anything that may arise, there is nothing quite like having a classy pink screwdriver set. Believe it or not, it has even been proven in some studies that the colors surrounding you will have an impact on how you feel and how you perform. If you are a fan of pink, then you are surely going to see that your project tackling skills will be boosted if you have a set of pink tools or a pink screwdriver set.

Today, there are some pink tools that come in sets that are just right for a woman who likes to have the ability to fix whatever is needed around the home.

To make these pink screwdriver sets and pink tools even better, each set or piece that is sold will go towards supporting the fight against breast cancer. When you think about it, buying some of these cool pink tools is pretty much a winning situation all around.

Whether you are shopping for a pink screwdriver set or pink tools for yourself or for someone you know and love, you are going to see that this is one thoughtful addition to any arsenal of home improvement tools. Sometimes, you can even find smaller toolkits that are easy to take along on the go for the woman who needs to have a few extra tools handy should anything need a little bit of tweaking.

All in all, the right pink screwdriver set will help you to have the right stuff to fix whatever is broken while also helping you to support vital breast cancer research.


There’s Nothing Like a Pink Tool Kit to Brighten the Day

Brighten the Day with a Pink Tool Kit

pink tool kitThere’s no doubt about it. Women are taking on more and more of the workforce positions that were once only reserved for men. Women tinker and toil right alongside men in roles that require the use of various implements long ago only found in the back of pick-up trucks with manly bumper stickers or neatly hanging above the testosterone-fueled workbenches of family garages. My, how things have changed. These days, a woman might find herself enjoying a field tech position that requires her to install all sorts of equipment in the tight spaces of dirty computer rooms of popular retail chain stores or she might have her own garage laden with tools that help her satisfy a home improvement addiction. She’s might even know how to replace her car battery.

Own the right tools

One of the only things better than being a woman who knows how to use tools is being a woman who owns the right tools. And, there is nothing like a pink tool kit to brighten the day when you’re out there in the trenches, whether you’re taking apart computer racks or putting them together. There are some neat things about this Pink Tool Kit, the first of which, is that it is, well…pink. How cool is that?

Pink Tool KitPleasant colors have been known to lift the spirits and improve the mood. Now, you can enjoy a pop of color in your day while you work hard at what you do.

Another great thing about this pink tool kit is that proceeds from every sale help facilitate breast cancer research, something that is much needed. So, not only will you enjoy looking at your tools every time you use your kit, but you’ll be doing something great for society as well.

While women will definitely love this pretty pink tool kit, it is important to note that it is not only for women. It works just as well in the hands of a man, and it does not discriminate.

If you’re a guy who likes pink, you’ll love this kit as well. As you can now see, there is nothing like a pink tool kit to brighten the day and hopefully brighten the lives of future breast cancer sufferers. Eventually, breast cancer may even be wiped out through multiple efforts like this one. When you’re shopping for your next set of tools, think Pink Tool Kit.


Handy Tip

power drills pink

Mix paint, grout, and concrete.

Hardware stores sell specialty mixing bits for mixing multiple cans of paint for consistent color, much like the hand mixer in your kitchen. They also make egg beater-style mixers for concrete, mortar, thin-set, and grout.



Pink Tool Kits what is in them?

What is in a Pink Tool Kit?

Gone are the days when dull colors such as black and grey dominated the exterior of tool kits. Nowadays, as manufacturers open their doors to tap into the women’s market, tools are given a more feminine packaging. These tools are now collectively contained in an attractive pink tool kit or other colorful designs, and to many women, this change is empowering.

But with this color change, one cannot help but ask. Did the manufacturers also instituted changes related to the tools’ functions for the purpose of accommodating feminine characteristics (i.e., a “pink” hammer is smaller than the usual piece found in a men’s kit)? Apparently not. As a matter of fact, these pink tool kits are created from the same manufacturing line, so they still comply with the same quality and safety standards. That said, everyone — men, women, boys, and girls — can use them.

pink tool kitWhat is inside a pink tool set?

Just like what you see in a typical men’s tool kit, you can see a wide array of tools once you open a pink tool chest. The number of tools vary depending on the price. In general, the more tool pieces the pink tool kit contains, the pricier it gets.

Some sets include 39, 105, and 135 pieces of tools, and they are either organized neatly in a fold-able, cushioned box, or stacked using metal compartments. Below is a list of the tools that can be included in a pink tool chest. – 12-foot tape measure – claw hammer – joint pliers – hex keys – scissors – ratcheting bit driver – bits (1/8-inch, 3/16-inch…) – utility knife – precision screwdrivers – fastener set – electrical tape – long nose pliers – adjustable wrench – extra blades When choosing which product to buy, remember to check how other consumers have rated the brand of your choice.

Because not all experiences and feedback can apply to you, it is best that you use your good judgment when reading these ratings. You might also want to choose the brands whose existence is driven by a cause. Some brands selling pink tool kits, for instance, support efforts inclined toward breast cancer awareness. One of these brands is Apollo Precision Tools.

Apollo is also one of the top-rated names in women’s tool kits because not only does it create pink tool kits with a refreshing, eye-catching color, but it can also compete with other well-known brands in the quality aspect. One of Apollo’s bestselling tools is the DT9706P 39-Piece tool set, which has gained an average high rating of 4.4 points out of a perfect score of 5.0. More Pink tool kit resources can be found at this website  


Handy Tip
power drills pink Cleaning your tools may be the last thing you want to do after a day of work, but it’s essential for keeping your tools in good shape. And it really only takes a few seconds per tool unless you’ve got something really nasty on your hands. It’s well-worth the time spent doing a little cleaning to save the time spent repairing a tool (or the money spent replacing it) later.



Pink Screwdriver Set

Pink Screwdriver Set

Author: Wallacem

Tool companies such as The Original Pink Box have revolutionized the way people look at tools these days. In the past, if we think of drills and kits, images of heavy-duty products from Black & Decker come to mind. Today, however, these “masculine” tools are embracing a new color quite literally.

pink tool set pink - pink screw driverFrom cordless drills to a Pink Screwdriver Set, these devices are now clad in an eye-catching pink color. What are the advantages of choosing a pink screwdriver set?

For one, pink adds a beautiful accent and creates a soothing effect that is similar to what a flower in a bush does. Pink can lighten up your mood and brighten up your day.

Second, the color can serve as an identifying mark. If you’re sharing a tool box with your husband, for instance, it’s easy to know which ones are yours.

Third, these screwdriver sets function just like all the other brands. At other times, they are even better. They can come with a soft-grip feature that allows you to work comfortably no matter how difficult the task may be.

Last, these colorful screwdrivers are the perfect gift for a daughter in college, a wife who always borrows and misplaces your tools or a friend who has just moved into a new home.

Pink Screwdriver Set is classified according to how many pieces are included, and what kinds of other products are part of the set. Some have six pieces of screwdrivers of different sizes while others have additional attachments and tools such as magnetic tips. As for the price, a 19-piece set can cost at least $20 while a 6-piece set are a bit cheaper and can cost only around $12.

Where can you buy a Pink Screwdriver Set? One of the most popular brands that pioneered the creation of these new tools is The Original Pink Box. You can purchase their products either online or from a dealer near you. Some of the dealers that carry The Original Pink Box products are Sears and Kmart.

Or if you don’t have time to go to a dealer, you can log onto the Internet and then head over to e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Charm and Hammer to find what you’re looking for. Just to be sure, go over what other customers are saying about this product. So far, based on an average rating of 4.7 (out of the highest score of 5.0), The Original Pink Box pink screwdriver set is a good buy.

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