There’s Nothing Like a Pink Tool Kit to Brighten the Day

Brighten the Day with a Pink Tool Kit

pink tool kitThere’s no doubt about it. Women are taking on more and more of the workforce positions that were once only reserved for men. Women tinker and toil right alongside men in roles that require the use of various implements long ago only found in the back of pick-up trucks with manly bumper stickers or neatly hanging above the testosterone-fueled workbenches of family garages. My, how things have changed. These days, a woman might find herself enjoying a field tech position that requires her to install all sorts of equipment in the tight spaces of dirty computer rooms of popular retail chain stores or she might have her own garage laden with tools that help her satisfy a home improvement addiction. She’s might even know how to replace her car battery.

Own the right tools

One of the only things better than being a woman who knows how to use tools is being a woman who owns the right tools. And, there is nothing like a pink tool kit to brighten the day when you’re out there in the trenches, whether you’re taking apart computer racks or putting them together. There are some neat things about this Pink Tool Kit, the first of which, is that it is, well…pink. How cool is that?

Pink Tool KitPleasant colors have been known to lift the spirits and improve the mood. Now, you can enjoy a pop of color in your day while you work hard at what you do.

Another great thing about this pink tool kit is that proceeds from every sale help facilitate breast cancer research, something that is much needed. So, not only will you enjoy looking at your tools every time you use your kit, but you’ll be doing something great for society as well.

While women will definitely love this pretty pink tool kit, it is important to note that it is not only for women. It works just as well in the hands of a man, and it does not discriminate.

If you’re a guy who likes pink, you’ll love this kit as well. As you can now see, there is nothing like a pink tool kit to brighten the day and hopefully brighten the lives of future breast cancer sufferers. Eventually, breast cancer may even be wiped out through multiple efforts like this one. When you’re shopping for your next set of tools, think Pink Tool Kit.


Handy Tip

power drills pink

Mix paint, grout, and concrete.

Hardware stores sell specialty mixing bits for mixing multiple cans of paint for consistent color, much like the hand mixer in your kitchen. They also make egg beater-style mixers for concrete, mortar, thin-set, and grout.



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